TfL does not want criticism.

This is just another example of an organisation not wanting to be criticised. TfL is not, to my knowledge, anything to do with eating nutritious food or with health in general. (Bar for keeping their passengers healthy whilst travelling with them.) 
So what makes them hostile to butter and eggs? 
I can understand bacon, unless it has been cured the old fashioned way. I can also understand jam. Sugar (sucrose) is bad for you. But so are fizzy drinks including Coke. There is even evidence out now that fizzy drinks without sucrose added, but with sweetener is also bad as it will fool the brain into thinking the body has taken on sugar and will spike the insulin anyway.  
But eggs? Go research the benefit of eating eggs. Very good for the body. 
Butter? Also very good for the body. Some of these ‘spreads’ are bad for the body. So butter contains fat. It is not the fat that is making us all fat, it is sucrose, and or course high fructose corn syrup. Fructose from fruit will also immediately enter the blood stream when drunk and if not used immediately be turned into fat. A glass or orange juice contains some 5 to 9 oranges so ‘they’ say. Eat your fruit along with it’s dietary fibre. Much better.

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